The Rubber Pavements Association, Technical Advisory Board Leading the Way in Asphalt Rubber Research



The Rubber Pavements Association (RPA) was formed in 1993 as a result of a national effort to more fully develop, research and communicate the superior qualities of asphalt rubber. Starting in 1993 asphalt rubber was no longer a patented product and thus the Association could now be represented by several asphalt contractors and rubber grinders. Soon after the formation of the RPA it was decided that a Technical Advisory Board (TAB) composed of members from industry, academia and government agencies was needed to develop and shape a long term technical vision of future asphalt rubber research. The TAB was formed in 1997 and began to lay plans for future research. Recommendations were made to compile a good literature review and library of the present state of the art and practice of asphalt rubber. Since 1997 the TAB has made recommendations to further advance the state-of–knowledge about Asphalt Rubber. This report reviews the activities of the TAB and how its actions and recommendations have led to the completion of several very important research projects and how the TAB is continuing to shape the vision of the future for the successful use of Asphalt Rubber.

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