The application of Semi-flexible Pavement with Asphalt -Rubber on Heavy Traffic Road



This paper focuses on the performance of semi-flexible pavement used in heavy-traffic road according to the technical characteristics of complex pavement. The high temperature stability, low-temperature cracking resistance and water stability of semi-flexible pavement with asphalt-rubber were tested in the laboratory and compared to asphalt concrete AC-16 with asphalt-rubber (AR-AC-16). In addition, an experimental section was built. The dynamic stability of semi-flexible mixture AC-20 with asphalt-rubber (SFAC-20) was much larger than that of the asphalt concrete AC-16 with asphalt-rubber (RAC-16). The residual stability and freeze-thaw splitting strength ratio of SFAC-20 exceeded 21.2% and 11.7%, respectively. Moreover, SFAC-20 mixture had larger failure tensile strain and stiffness modulus under -10ºC temperature condition. The results showed that the semi-flexible pavement with
asphalt-rubber had better properties and was especially suitable for the surface course of heavy-traffic road. Both laboratory tests and engineering practice showed that the semiflexible pavement with asphalt-rubber had excellent performance and application prospect.

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