Studies Concerning the use of Asphalt Rubber in Portugal



In the frame of the co-operation between the Portuguese National Laboratory of Civil Engineering (LNEC) and the Road Administration (IEP), some of the pavement construction and rehabilitation works concerning the use of asphalt rubber in Portugal have been monitored by LNEC. In parallel with the support given to the Road Administration a research project was initiated, with the following objectives: a) characterisation of the rubber modified binder and its manufacturing process; b) characterisation of the asphalt rubber mixture; c) study of the long term performance of pavements where this type of material has been used.
After summarising the first results obtained in previous studies performed in the frame of the research project, this paper presents some of the results recently achieved, concerning the influence of storage on the properties of the modified binder and its implications to the quality control checks of the modified binder and the influence of the rubber content in the performance of the binder and of the bituminous mixture. It also presents some results concerning the surface properties of open texture wearing courses using asphalt rubber.

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