Structural Overlays Using Asphalt Rubber Products – A City’s Viewpoint



On most of their high volume roadways, the City of Ventura, California, routinely uses Asphalt Rubber – Asphalt Concrete (ARAC) for their structural overlay rehabilitation projects. This has been a common practice since 1990, when the first ARAC project was constructed for the City. The use of ARAC has, by and large, assisted the City of Ventura in extending the service life of its arterial and collector streets. However, due to the overall decrease in the City’s budget during the nineties, the average pavement condition of the roadway network has slightly deteriorated. Due to the option of using ARAC and related products, it is expected that this decrease will slowly but surely reverse itself, since by now most of the heavily trafficked pavements have been rehabilitated with ARAC, with an expected design life of between 10 and 20 years, or more.

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