Laboratory Evaluation of Asphalt-Rubber Mastic Prepared Using Mixed (Wet + Dry) Method



As part of this study laboratory tests were carried out to determine the material properties and performance characteristics of mastic asphalt with rubber. Three types of mixes based on the same mineral aggregate (size 0/8mm) were prepared. Asphalt D35/50 was used as the reference mastic asphalt (M-A C). Rubberized asphalt (D35/50 + 15% of crumb rubber) constituted asphalt-rubber mastic (M-A W). The third mix (M-A W+D) was prepared in the same way as the asphalt-rubber mastic, but 6% of the mineral aggregate was replaced with the same amount of rubber aggregate. The advanced material characterization tests included penetration tests and thermal conductivity tests. On the basis of the test results the  performance of the AR mastic asphalt (W+D) was compared with that of the reference mastic asphalt.

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