Bitumen-rubber: Lessons learnt in South Africa



Bitumen-rubber has been in use in South Africa since the early 1980’s, and many lessons have been learnt from the successes, but also from applications that were not as successful. The aim of the paper is to present an overview of the state-of-the-art of the use of bitumen rubber in South Africa. Firstly the two production processes used in South Africa, namely the wet and dry methods, are described. Thereafter the standard and novel test procedures are presented. The use of bitumen rubber in seals and different types of asphalt are summarized. The performance of bitumen-rubber asphalt is reviewed, with particular emphasis on APT tests and results of laboratory asphalt third-point bending fatigue tests. Finally the way forward in the use of bitumen rubber will be discussed, particularly with regards to the new South African hot mix asphalt design method.


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