Asphalt Rubber Quiet Pavements at Skanska Czech Republic



This paper describes experiences with utilization of asphalt rubber mixtures for quiet pavements application in the Czech Republic on the Skanska road sections. Results of noise emission measurements on various types of asphalt rubber friction courses performed by Skanska company are provided. The measurements of acoustic properties were carried out on the road surfaces made of two different types of open graded mixtures with maximum mineral aggregate size 5 mm and 8 mm as well as on porous asphalt mixtures with maximum
mineral aggregate size 8 mm. The measurements were performed according to ISO/CD 11819-2 Acoustics – Measurement of the influence of road surfaces on traffic noise – Part 2: The close-proximity method and also according to ISO 1996-1, 2 Acoustics – Description, measurement and assessment of environmental noise.

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