Application research of asphalt-rubber on recycling asphalt pavement



Existing recycling technologies showed that the hot recycled asphalt mixture performance is similar to the virgin asphalt pavement performance. The objective in this paper is to evaluate the asphalt-rubber (AR) recycled asphalt mixture performance based on highway maintenance project-S305 in Guizhou province,China. Firstly, the performance of blended binder including reclaimed asphalt, rejuvenation agent and asphalt-rubber was studied; secondly, a new mix design method of asphalt-rubber recycled mixture was proposed and the AR recycled mixture performance was researched. Lastly, its pavement performance was verified by the field verification based on the S305 project. The results indicated that the proportion of the asphalt rubber should not be less than 70% and all the test indexes of blended binder met the technical standards of AR. Moreover, the performance of asphalt rubber recycled mixtures AC13 was similar to the performance of virgin modified asphalt mixture.

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