4 Years of Performance of A Test Track Using Crumb Rubber Asphalt And Other Modifiers



This paper presents the performance of 4 full-scale test section constructed with the aim of applying asphalt rubber technology in Colombia. This study reports the results of the performance of a test track constructed with one section using Crumb Rubber Modifier-CRM. The CRM was incorporated to the asphalt hot mix introducing the CRM as a bitumen modifier (wet process). Additionally the 4 full-scale test section were constructed with the
same pavement structure; one with conventional asphalt binder Barrancabermeja (Barranca) 80-100(80-100 penetration grade), two sections with modified asphalt binder, Styrene Butadiene Rubber-SBR, and Styrene Butadiene Styrene-SBS and one with asphalt rubber binder. The 4 mixtures were designed using a continuous grain size distribution. The track was submitted to loads produced by public transport vehicles, light and heavy vehicle. Thepaper reports the test track performance over 4 years, with measures of; deflections (FWD), Ground Penetration Radar(GPR) and distress survey. An analytical comparison is presented considering the structural capacity of each section of the test track, by using backcalculation analysis.

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